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Thursday, June 01, 2006

How to Make Any Room Look Bigger

Homes that appear larger will sell faster or for more money than homes that feel smaller. How we live in homes and how we sell homes are different, so we consult with sellers to tell them what small changes they can make to get a big reaction from the buyers.

When we prepare a home for sale, there are two main suggestions we always give. Here they are:

1) Start packing. The buyers want to look at your home, not at all your stuff. If your stuff is in the way, they can't see the space you have. Since it's the space they'll be buying, not the stuff in the space, we need to let them see it with as little imagination as possible that's required on their part. The less stuff that you have, the larger your home will look, and the easier it will be for buyers to imagine their stuff in your space.

Donate or sell items that aren't going with you to your next home. Pack items that are going with you but that you don't use often. Store them at a friend's house, in a garage, or in the most out of the way place.

For more tips on what packing tips make the most difference, send an email to and ask for our Preparing Homes For Sale suggestions.

2) Place a focal item on the far side of the room. When you enter a room, your eye goes first to the largest item. If your large item is near the entrance to a room, the space will feel smaller. It's similar to when someone is standing too close to you; you find yourself feeling a little crowded. You don't want your buyers feeling that way. Instead, place a plant or mirror on the far side of the room, and have that item be the focal point. With the focal point far from the entrance of the room, the room will feel much larger. Having a focal point is also better than having the room empty because when our eyes look at it, we're able to judge the size of the room by comparing the size of a common object in the room, such as a plant or end table.

For other tips on how to make rooms feel bigger, please email and ask us to email you our article entitled "How To Make Any Room Look Bigger."


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